Summer turned Spring Break: Half Day of Hong Kong Day 2

Last Tuesday I opted to wear a comfortable outfit because I know that our second day would definitely be the most tiring day in our stay in Hong Kong. My top was given to me by Ninang Kriset and Ate Kamille which they bought in Singapore as a pasalubong for me. Because I was saving this top for a special event, that was the first time I wore it. I rarely wear shorts because when you wear shorts in the Philippines people will look at you like from head to toe. -_-" While I was in HK I noticed that the people there don't care what one wear. They just stick to their own fashion and style. I love it because almost all the people there are fashionistas ;) and lastly the boots I'm wearing! :) Finally, I already have one. I thought I would never have the chance to see a pair of boots that will fit me. Good thing HK stores offers many sizes. My boots in the pictures are wet because it rained when we were in Disneyland. Haha :))
Top: H&M c/o Singapore
Boots: Hong Kong

During our second day in Hong Kong we had our city tour during the morning. Our first stop was at the Avenue of the Stars :) In that place we were able to see the glamour of Hong Kong film Industry through the life size statue of Bruce Lee, celebrity hand prints and the like. We were also able to see the spectacular view of the Victoria Harbour. Skyscrapers, Skyline, the cold weather... How I wish I was there again <3
breakfast at Cafe de Coral

Our next stop was at the Jewelry Shop. I don't know its name maybe because I'm not interested with gold/silver jewelries. I prefer plastic accessories instead. XD I don't have any pictures too since they don't allow picture taking inside.

Our third stop was at the Chocolate Empire. Weee. One of my favorite. I've got to buy boxes of chocolates as pasalubongs and of course a treat for myself. I enjoyed the free taste too. =) Hahahaha. 
Our fourth stop was at the Aberdeen Fishing Village. That was the first time I've been to that kind of place. We experienced to ride in a Sampan boat and roam around the whole place. I so love the view. I was really amazed in the Jumbo floating restaurant. WOW! :) It's really cool. Our tourist guide told us that the sea foods there cost HK$ 300 above. It's really expensive. I still need to thank the "sobrang masungit na lola" who served as the driver of the boat. Tapang e. =))) She doesn't want us to take pictures one by one. She always shout and really annoying. HAHAHA. v^_^v Peace, lola :D The wind blew so strong that I don't have any formal picture. :( My hair :( But anyway, I really enjoyed the sampan boat ride. 

Till here. I'll be posting tomorrow our afternoon tour for Day 2. I bet you'll be more interested in that part because of the most famous tourist spot in Hong Kong! :) Thanks for reading! :) 


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  1. nice comfy outfit :) you look pretty without glasses

    Thirdbite | style blog

    1. Yes. My top is really comfy. Thanks for the compliment. I usually take my pictures without glasses.